Pulaski County Justice Center

The county council and auditor are reviewing an ordinance that set the guidelines for obtaining a bond for the justice center phase of the courthouse renovation project.  According to the ordinance, the county would be obtaining a bond not to exceed $5,575,000. That bond is only for the work at the...
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Pickens and reserve deputy and jail Sgt. Chris McAninch train with the scenario simulator on Nov. 1. This is the first time they have participated in the scenario with the sheriff’s office.
Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies are sharpening their skills as they decide who is friend or foe during recent training.    Deputies, reserve deputies and some jail officers spent about two hours training with a scenario simulator. During the training deputies must quickly decide if the people in...
Pulaski County commissioners and council members are discussing the possibility of moving some of the county offices to offer better security and safety to employees. Currently, the basement of the justice center is used for storage, a small training area for police officers, a morgue and the information technology department office.
Security at the Pulaski County Courthouse has been a topic of discussion for public officials during the past couple of years but little has been done to address the issue.  What has been done involves a lot of ideas of how the courthouse could be better secured but those ideas haven’t been...
The Pulaski County Justice Center could soon house federal inmates that will bring revenue into the sheriff's budget.
Pulaski County Sheriff Jeff Richwine had positive news for the Pulaski County Council Monday evening.  Richwine has been working to establish the jail as a location that can house federal inmates.  It was estimated that the jail could hold about 20 federal inmates. Richwine said housing the federal...

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