The fence surrounding the Sportsman’s Bar and Grill is beginning to block the sidewalk and could soon be in the street. Commissioners discussed the issue on Monday because the fence belongs to the county.

Town issues surface at commissioners’ meeting

A couple of town issues were brought to the attention of the Pulaski County Commissioners in hopes of a little help. 
At a regular meeting on Monday, Medaryville and Monterey town council presidents requested a little guidance regarding a couple of property issues. 
Medaryville Town Council President Robert Schultz approached the commissioners in hopes of receiving some help regarding property on West Main Street. 
Schultz presented several photos of the property to the commissioners. It appears that Schultz has entered the property in order to take the photos that show the significance of the situation. He described the former property owner, who passed away in September of 2015, as a hoarder. It appears that he doesn’t have any relatives. 
Schultz said he would like to see the place condemned, hence why he contacted county building inspector Doug Hoover. 
The second town issue came from Monterey Town Council President Doug Denton. He requested for the county to help move the fence surrounding the Sportsman’s Bar and Grill. 
Denton said the rain has pushed the materials on the site into the fence causing the fence to block the sidewalk and it’s beginning to encroach on the streets. He asked if the fence, that is owned by the county, could be pushed back away from the sidewalk and street.   
A motion was made to move the fence closer to the building. 
Denton thanked the commissioners for the fencing that is there.    

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