Time to clean up, Winamac

Spring has arrived, well between raindrops, and town officials are asking residents to clean up their yards. 
The Town of Winamac has been making phone calls, sending letters and knocking on doors informing residents who are in violation of any of the town ordinances regarding trash, brush and garbage cans. 
Town manager Brad Zellers said about 30 notification letters have been sent to residents regarding town ordinance violations that included trash, furniture and tires in their yards, height of grass and abandoned vehicles. 
Zellers reminds residents that the town will not pick up grass clippings but will pick up brush that is placed by the curb but not in the roadway. Grass is to be less than 12 inches tall or residents are in violation of the town regulating public nuisances on private property ordinance.   
Zellers also asked that when residents mow their yards that the grass clippings not be blown into the street.  
Another problem town officials are seeing, is garbage bags being outside of the cans. The bags must be inside the cans, according to Zellers, not beside them. Garbage cans are also only supposed to be by the curb for a short period of time before pickup and then moved away from the curb shortly after. 
If one garbage can is not enough, Zellers advises residents to contact the garbage company, Advanced Disposal, for another can and contract another can with them.

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