Several pickleball players attended the Winamac Parks and Recreation Board meeting on Sept. 3 to ask that the tennis court be turned into a permanent pickleball court.

Several individuals want additional permanent pickleball courts

Several individuals attended the Winamac Parks and Recreation Board meeting Sept. 3 to voice their wants in regards to another permanent pickleball court. 
Pat Larkin was one of a handful of people who spoke on behalf of the pickleball players. Larkin said the group is willing to pay for the nets and the installation. She has two pages of signatures of individuals who want the permanent nets.  
If the two permanent courts were to be installed, there would no longer be a tennis court at the park. It was suggested that people could use the tennis courts at the high school. 
Boardman Chris Schramm asked the crowd why they wouldn’t want to play at the high school. He understands that it’s a disadvantage that the nets have to be moved. He also knows there are a number of people who play. Schramm used the example that he was told before some people wanted to play tennis but couldn’t because “they felt like they were encroaching on the group.” 
A complaint by the players is that the temporary nets are locked up and are not always accessible. 
There was a suggestion that one of the basketball courts could be turned into tennis courts. 
It was decided the board would wait until the next meeting before any decisions were made. The delay would give board members a chance to review costs of moving the tennis court. 

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