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Retention solution still needed for Winamac Police Department

"...there’s no one piece of the puzzle that will fix retention. You have to do other things too like pay increases or benefits. You can go all in on one thing and that may fix it for a little while, but eventually the other parts are going to weigh it down." – Winamac Police Chief Tyler Campbell

The Winamac Police Department is still seeking a solution for the challenges they are facing with officer retention. It's important to note that retention is not just exclusive to the Winamac Police Department, however. There are far fewer men and women going into law enforcement across the nation today. Issues with pay and benefits are also contributing to the problem. At a recent meeting of the Winamac Metropolitan Board of Police Commissioners, president Larry Weaver mentioned that he would like to hold an executive session to further discuss the retention of officers at the Winamac Police Department. During discussion, board member Danyelle Weaver said that she has spoken to Culver's Chief of Police and learned a little bit about their take home car program, which was introduced to help with retention issues.

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