New lights illuminate town

Nov. 25, 2015

Decking the streets in the downtown areas and along Monticello Street (U.S. 35) has been a tradition of the Town of Winamac for numerous years, but this year the lights are shining brighter. 

The holiday lights that shine on the corridor of Monticello Street from Spring Street to Jefferson Street are catching the eyes of travelers as they are illuminating brighter than past years. 

Town manager Brad Zellers said the LED lights along with the garland are replacing 25 lights that were about 22 years old.   

So far the new lights have been a success. Zellers said, “People are actually coming in just to say ‘wow.’” 

Funding for the lights was available from money the town designates specifically for high efficiency type products, according to Zellers. The lights cost about $7,300 with an additional cost of $2,900 for the garland on all of the poles. 

“The garland on the highway is lit up which it never has been,” Zellers said. 

Banners were also hung on Main and Market streets. 

Along with the new lights, Zellers is hoping to save money in electric costs. He said it was estimated that the LED lights would use about one-fifth of the usage. 

The old lights will be sold to the public with a sealed bid. Those who are interested in purchasing the lights can stop by the town office during the Winter Wonderland event, on Dec. 5, and look at the lights. 

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