Selling Arens Field Airport might end up costing the county after it was discovered that several legal issues will  have to be addressed before it can happen.

County officials hear selling of airports may be more difficult than first thought

Pulaski County officials began debating whether the county airport can be sold and after some discussion, it was discovered that it might be a bit of hassle. 
County officials have mentioned selling the airport in the past as a way to save money. The idea was again brought up during a joint session with the commissioners and county council on Monday, April 12. 
During the April 12 joint session, Jeremy Wegner, president of the county aviation board, spoke with the commissioners and council as to why selling or leasing the airport is a bad idea. He mentioned a number of benefits the airport offers including it being a site for medical helicopters to land. Along with the benefits, Wegner stated there is a five-year capital improvement plan that the board is working to implement that could create more revenue. 
County attorney Kevin Tankersley said the airport can be sold but there are several hoops that the county would have to go through including what restrictions are put in place because of the grants and finding that out takes time. 
At the commissioners’ meeting on Monday, commissioner Charles Mellon wanted more clarification of where the county is at in regards to selling the county airport. 
Tankersley reminded the commissioners that it appears the aviation board is not in favor of selling the airport or leasing it. He said if the commissioners want to sell the airport and lease it, the commissioners might have to dissolve the board of aviation and get the approval from the town as well. 
Tankersley also said there’s a hiccup with the plan because the property wasn’t deeded to the aviation board. 
Mellon said this appears that it would be a lengthy process to sell the property and “how much money do we want to spend investigating all of it?” 
It was suggested that a special meeting might have to be scheduled with the commissioners and the council to discuss further actions.

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