Council approves to repair justice center roof

Pulaski County will be paying for repairs to the justice center roof as a way to patch it over until construction and rehabilitation begins on it and the courthouse. 
Maintenance director Mia Salyers met with the commissioners and the county council by phone during a joint session on Monday, Dec. 14. Salyers asked if the justice center roof was part of the upcoming courthouse and justice center project and for guidance as to what to do in the meantime. 
Community development commission executive director Nathan P. Origer said the roof is included in the request for proposals and the cost of the roof was part of the project budget. 
Councilman Rudy DeSabatine reminded county officials that he contacted a contractor who fixed the courthouse roof for $2,500. DeSabatine volunteered to have the private contractor look at the justice center roof. 
A motion was approved by the commissioners for the roof to be fixed by the private contractor but the cost is not to exceed $5,000. 

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