Commissioners approve changes to building department fee schedule

Building inspector Doug Hoover and building and zoning coordinator Karla Redweik-Pemberton spoke with the commissioners about filling a democratic seat on the plan commission and also changing the fee schedule. 
Redweik-Pemberton said during the commissioners’ meeting on Jan. 19 that the area plan commission has approved a recommendation of changes to the fee schedule in the hopes of covering some of the costs by the building department. The commissioners were given a list of the recommended fees.  
Redweik-Pemberton  said a number of the fees were increased from $175-$225 to $500. The area plan commission determined it would be hard to decipher between a small and large business, so the fees were changed to one rate that will apply to only commercial uses.  
The changes will be effective 90 days after the first publication. 

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