Board of commissioners dismisses Pulaski County Building Inspector

On their first meeting of the month, the Pulaski County Board of Commissioners discussed a wide variety of topics, with the most notable being the dismissal of the Pulaski County Building Inspector, Douglas Hoover. The board of commissioners, wanting to be as forthcoming as possible without compromising the privacy of any individuals involved, released the following statement: A county sheriff's deputy conducted a traffic stop on Thursday, April 29, 2021, pulling over Douglas Hoover who was driving a Pulaski County owned vehicle at the time. The stop occurred at 1 p.m. EST which is during regular work hours for the building department. He was found to have an alcohol level in his blood, but it was below the legal limit to operate a vehicle. He did not commit any criminal act, but he did, however, violate county employee policy by operating a county vehicle with any level of alcohol in his system. Under policy, this conduct can result in immediate discharge from employment. At their earliest session on May 3, the board voted and chose to discharge Hoover from his employment with Pulaski County.


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