Owen Abbott

Abbott will be missed

The heart of the Warriors is missing a little piece as students deal with the loss of one of their own. 
Owen Abbott, 13, of Winamac, was killed in a bus accident on Dec. 5. The accident has shaken the Warrior nation and those who knew him are pausing to remember him. 
Abbott, who was the son of Dean Abbott Jr. and Britni Fritz, was well liked by many. Middle school principal Ryan Dickinson said he knew Abbott prior to him becoming a middle schooler because Dickinson’s son is the same age. The youngsters were a part of the Star City Little League team. 
Dickinson described him as someone who had a number of friends whom he had fun with. 
“He kind of had a mischievousness about him,” Dickinson said. “It was a fun mischievousness. He knew most of the time when to draw the line and he certainly had a good heart. If he ever went over the line, he would own it and make amends for it.” 
Since the accident, the school corporation has provided help for the students. Superintendent Dan Foster said the school crisis team coordinated school counselors, Four County Counselors, local pastors and others to meet with the students, staff and parents who may need help. 
Students have been able to not only talk with counselors but also find comfort in therapy dogs. 
Students also took time to remember Abbott in a gathering before school on Dec. 7.

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