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A storm with straight-line winds and hail caused residents in Winamac to be without power on Sunday. The hail caused minimal damage.
Storms are wreaking havoc on Indiana and Pulaski County has seen its fair share of rain as the storm season blows through.  On Sunday, July 23, hail and straight-line winds caused a power outage for residents in Winamac. The outage was caused by a few lines being down and two transformers that were...
On March 28, police from several different agencies were involved in the pursuit of Doffin Jr. after he was suspected of dragging his daughter from a Warren County home.
A fatal shooting has left the public with a number of questions as information is being released by the police a bit at a time. The latest news that has been released on the fatal shooting of Peter J. Doffin Jr., 36, of Lafayette, is that the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the...
The State Board of Accounts has completed an audit of Tippecanoe Township and the former township trustee is being held accountable for $148,513.14 that appears to be unaccountable.  According to the state board of accounts audit report, Kathleen Keller was the trustee from Jan. 1, 2011, to April...
Portions of the chimney on the Pulaski County home are falling down and caution tape has been strung as a warning.
As Pulaski County Commissioners are waiting for an ordinance to be drafted and approved by the county council to sell the home, the building is starting to fall apart.  Within the past couple of months, caution tape has been strung around the east area of the home to keep the public from getting...
George Street in Winamac will finally be paved as the Town of Winamac has been awarded grant funding from the state for additional roadwork.
Local municipalities and county officials were recently awarded for their efficient work as they applied for state grant funding in a few months time.  Pulaski County officials recently spent time learning how to grade roads and completed a Community Crossing 50/50 matching grant application. In...
Four locals, Judy Heater, John Simmermaker, Dan Frain and Dr. Robert Klitzman, who will be part of the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay visited Indianapolis for a press conference regarding the unveiling of the torch uniforms and a chance to see the torch on June 29.
Fifteen Pulaski County residents are making state history as they will be part of the Indiana Bicentennial Torchbearers this September and October.  On June 29, torchbearers from across the state were invited to meet in Indianapolis for an unveiling of names and the torchbearer uniforms during a...
Signs of the force from the ice and wind can be seen throughout the county. Additional damage that occurred because of the storm happened east of 110 E. Pearl St. in Winamac. The metal sheeting on the upper wall of the building came loose and landed on a parked vehicle on Dec. 29.
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