197-19 - Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission public hearing


At its regularly scheduled meeting at 7:00p.m. E.S.T. on Monday, 25 November 2019, in the meeting room of the Pulaski County Highway Department garage, 1131 North U.S.-35, Winamac, the Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission will conduct a public hearing regarding the following:

• proposed updates to Pulaski County Ordinance 2017-03, the Pulaski County Unified Development Ordinance, pertaining to commercial and accessory-use solar energy systems, the application processes for the development thereof, regulations enforced thereupon, and definitions pertaining thereto; and

• proposed changes to the Pulaski County Development Fee Schedule pertaining to solar energy systems.

Copies of all documents and changes to be considered can be reviewed at the Pulaski County Building/Zoning Department office, 125 South Riverside Drive – Room 150, Winamac; at the Pulaski County CDC office, 623 West Eleventh Street, Winamac; or at http://gov.pulaskionline.org/bpz.

Persons who have special needs or need assistance in entering the building should call the Auditor’s office (574-946-3653) in advance so that their needs can be met without delay.

Sincerely Submitted,

Karla Redweik-Pemberton

Advisory Plan Commission Administration

197-19 G 11/13


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