142-17 - Notice to Taxpayers



June 12, 2017

Comes now the Auditor, and shows proof of publication and affidavit of the Pulaski County Journal and the Francesville Tribune of the Notice to Taxpayers for Additional Appropriations to be made from unappropriated funds to carry out the business of the County government for the year 2017.

Whereas, it has been determined that it is now necessary to appropriate more money than was appropriated in the annual budget;

Now Therefore Be It Ordained by the County Council of the County Unit of Pulaski County, Indiana, that for the expenses of the taxing unit the following additional sums of money are hereby appropriated out of the funds named and for the purposes specified, subject to the laws governing the same.


1000-0232 County General/Circuit Court

13800 Civil Pauper Counsel $30,000.00

1000-0068 County General/Commissioners

39401 Human Services Van $6,894.00


Taxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have the right to be heard. The additional appropriations as finally made will be referred to the State Department of Local Government Finance. The Department of Local Government Finance will make a written determination as to the sufficiency of funds to support the appropriations made within Ten (10) days of receipt of certified copy of the action taken.

Dated this 12th Day of June, 2017

Laura Wheeler, Auditor, Pulaski County, Indiana

142-17 G 08/09


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