076-19 - Notice of State Surplus Property Sale #1-18/19DNR

Notice of State Surplus Property Sale #1-18/19DNR

The State of Indiana, acting by and through the Department of Administration, for and on the behalf of the following state agency(s), will accept sealed bids on the following:

DNR-Tippecanoe River State Park (4200 Base Rd N., Winamac, IN 46996)

**The structures are up for bid; not the land itself.**

Lot 1 Hilgemeier house and garage minimum bid: $250.00 

cash performance bond required: $5,000.00

To schedule viewing or for further info contact Vernon Gillum at 574-946-3213.

Removal time: the successful bidder must have the structures removed within 90 days of the bid opening date unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Department of Natural Resources.

The structures, including all contents, must be removed down to the foundation. All debris resulting from the removal actions shall also be removed from the site. They cannot be relocated anywhere in the purchase boundaries of the project. 

The successful bidder will take immediate possession of the structures. Upon possession, the successful bidder will take over the responsibility for the structures and must have the proper insurance coverage.

Prior to starting removal operations, all existing utilities shall be terminated. The successful bidder will make all arrangements with the utility companies. Removal of buildings must be coordinated with the DNR site representative. 

Bidders must submit a separate payment for 100% of their bid and a separate payment for the cash performance bond. Bidders must submit cashier’s check(s), certified check(s) or money order(s) made payable to the State of Indiana for their bid and the performance bond.

Bids must be submitted on a State Surplus Bid Form, which includes a non-collusion statement, and mailed in an envelope to State Surplus, 601 W. McCarty Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46225. You must clearly print the sale number and bid due date on the outside of the envelope as bids are not able to be opened until after the bid due date and time. Contact State Surplus at 317-234-3685 for a bid packet or go to www.in.gov/idoa/2384.htm to print out a bid sheet. Award decisions will not be made on the bid opening date. The State of Indiana has ten (10) working days after the bid opening date to make those decisions. Once the award decisions have been made the results will be publicly posted in the lobby at 601 W. McCarty Street, Indianapolis. All bidders will be notified by mail.

Sealed bids must be received before 2:00 pm on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 601 W. McCarty Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis. Any bids received after the designated time for any reason will be returned to the bidder. Once a bid has been opened and read, it cannot be withdrawn. 

The State of Indiana, by this invitation, does not hold itself out as a merchant in the ordinary course of selling such property, and expressly disclaims any warranties, expressed or implied, as to its merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any and all such property shall be sold on an “as is” basis, with award to the best and highest bidder.

 The State of Indiana reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

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