Winamac Town Council talks possibility of smaller pool

Talk of a smaller pool ensued during a Winamac Town Council meeting on July 13.

During the meeting on July 13, councilwoman Judy Heater asked for a $150,000 commitment from the town, so she can approach the town about a smaller pool at the same location as the former pool.

Heater said for the size of Winamac, a year-round swimming pool most likely will not receive the support it needs to be feasible. She suggested a pool that is half the size of the current one.

She would like to approach the community and ask for support of the project.

“We cannot run a pool and consistently lose money like we did,” Heater said.

Town council president Ken McFarland said he is worried that there won’t be funding for the pool maintenance in the future and that it won’t financially sustain itself.

Heater said she would ask for annual commitments.

It was suggested that instead of a commitment of $150,000 that the town make a matching commitment. The town could then show its support through donations.

Councilman Tom Murray suggested Heater find out the cost and then move forward.

He suggested that sand fill the deep end of the pool before someone gets hurt. “I’m just afraid of the liability.”

The concrete floor would need to be cracked to let the water drain. It could then be filled.

No decisions were made regarding Heater’s request.

In other business:

• The council approved to adopt an investment policy. They also approved Resolution 2-2015, authorizing the investment of public funds.

• A depository agreement in regards to the town funding was approved.

• The council approved to apply for a community development block grant of $20,315 that would be used for a water and storm water plan.

• Ordinance 6-2015 regarding a drug-free workplace ordinance was approved.

• Ordinance 7-2015 regarding the fair housing ordinance was approved.

• Theresa Calloway, president of the Pulaski County Fair Board, approached the council with a request to use the park for a tractor pull on Sept. 5 and 6. If the grounds are wet the pull will be canceled. Town council president Ken McFarland thanked Calloway for making the fair work with the restrictions that were made. He said it went well. Her request for the tractor pull was approved.

• The council agreed that town manager Brad Zellers could decide when the park would be reopened because of flooding.

• Minutes from the regular meeting on June 15 and emergency meeting on June 25 were approved.

• Vouchers #6826-7040 were approved.

• A bid of $9 per square foot to finish a sidewalk was approved.

• A motion was made to approach the industrial park so that the town can expand the cemetery. The motion was opposed by Murray and Richard Denney abstained. The motion passed.

• A motion was made to allow clerk-treasurer Melanie Berger to pay the bill for the fireworks once all the funds have been collected. The motion was approved. Murray said the fireworks went well this year and he would like to see it continued at the school grounds instead of the park.

• Berger asked if the town would be interested in direct deposit for payroll. It would cost more than $500. She said not everyone wants it but the majority does. A motion to purchase the Keystone director deposit program was approved.

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