The Winamac Town Council again opposed to support the community pool.

Winamac Town Council rejects pool discussion

Some of the members of the Winamac Town Council have voiced their opinion about the proposed community pool and they’re just done. 
The town council approved before the end of last year to not move forward with supporting the proposed pool project. At that time the decision of the town council caught the pool committee a bit off guard as they believed they had the support of the town council. Council members said there isn’t funding in the town budget to handle the operations of a pool. The estimated cost of operations is about $40,000 a year. 
Pool committee member Judy Heater re-addressed the issue asking if the council had made a decision in regards to supporting the pool. In the past, Heater said the committee cannot fundraise in good conscience when the town doesn’t want to support the project.  
Heater thinks that if the town supports the project that some businesses might offer services such as demolition of the old pool which would cut costs. Once the pool is built, Heater said the committee will continue to raise funds for future maintenance and operations. 
“I’m not opposed to the pool but I don’t think that we can afford the pool,” said councilman Alvin Parish, who doesn’t believe that the committee will raise enough funds for the pool and the operations of it.
Parish made a motion stating, “that the town has withdrawn any support of the pool at this time. I’m tired of messing with this every month.” The motion passed with a 3-2 vote with opposition from Heater and Vanaman. 
Heater asked Parish if he will not support the project “in any way shape or form.” Parish said until he sees money, he doesn’t want to talk about it every month.  

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