Winamac Town Council nixes recycling service for 2019

Winamac Town Council members have decided the costs of recycling and the way it is taken out with the trash are no longer benefiting anyone.  
The garbage contract the town has expires in March and council members have been preparing for it by accepting bids for the service of garbage pickup and recycling. The bids were then taken under advisement. 
Town manager Brad Zellers briefly reviewed the two lowest bids with the council during a regular meeting on Dec. 10. He explained that the company separates the recycling at their facility and is finding items such as clothes, furniture, electronics and trash in the recycling. After the recycling has been sorted, the company moves it to a facility in Frankfort. If the load is not accepted because of nonrecyclables it is then taken to the landfill. He said if there are too many nonrecyclable items at the facility, the load will go straight to the landfill. 
Council members approved to stay with the current garbage company but without the recycling. The contract is for five years with the price of pickup increasing slightly each year. It will cost the town about $10,194 per month for garbage pickup in 2019. 
The garbage contract ends in March. Recycling will continue until then.  

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