Water testing costs town

Recent water testing completed by the Town of Medaryville on a private home has caused a bit of a stir, as the costs are being handled by the town. 
At a recent Medaryville Town Council meeting on June 21, maintenance director Keith Hauptli presented a proposal to the council regarding testing of faucet water coming from the inside of a private home. 
Hauptli said the town tests the water about every three years and those tests have indicated a good quality of water. He recalled that recently he was asked to test water for lead. According to Hauptli, the board of health required him to do the testing. He said three samples were taken. 
The test results have been returned and there isn’t a problem, according to Hauptli.
Town council president Robert Schultz said residents don’t realize how much those tests cost the town. Hauptli said not only do the test costs money, but also time. 
Town attorney Amber Lapaich said she would research the matter because she also wants to clarify if it’s the town’s responsibility to test the water coming from inside the home. 
If the expense is handed down to the residents, an ordinance will need to be adopted by the council. 

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