Voting procedures will remain the same as past general elections

With questions about the postal system and the primary election making history with changes, many are questioning what will happen with the general election. 
Pulaski County Clerk JoLynn Behny said the current plan is for the general election to run the same as it has in the past. She said the clerk’s office is receiving several questions regarding whether the laws have changed specifically absentee by mail voting. For the primary election the state allowed voters to vote absentee by mail with no excuse but “the state has decided not to extend that into the November election,” Behny said. 
According to the state there are three types of absentee voting: in-person, by mail or by traveling board. Absentee voting in-person is also called early voting which tends to be popular in Pulaski County and does not require any special circumstances. Absentee voting by mail requires a voter apply for an application and the voter must have a reason for not being able to early vote or vote at the polls. Behny said many voters are not understanding how the absentee by mail ballot works. 
The state is continuing to follow the laws regarding absentee voting by mail that are typical for an Indiana election. A voter must have an excuse as to why they want to vote by mail and it must meet the state standards. There are about a dozen reasons a person could qualify as to why they want to vote by mail. Those reasons include but are not limited to having official election duties, working the entire time the polls are open and being a member of the military or a public safety officer. 
Voters have the option of not only receiving an application from the clerk’s office but also by downloading and printing the form or by calling the Indiana Election Division at 317-232-3939. The deadline to receive an absentee ballot application at the clerk’s office is Oct. 22. Absentee ballot applications can be returned to the clerk’s office in person, by mail (112 E. Main St., Room 230, Winamac, IN 46996), by fax (574-946-4953) or by email (

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