The Friends of the Panhandle Pathway would like to continue with their park-to-park vision and expanding the path to the north of SR 14 is the next step.

Town gives permission for the pathway to move forward

Winamac Town Council members gave their permission for the Friends of the Panhandle Pathway to begin the process of expanding the trail to the north. 
Friends of the Panhandle Pathway president John Bawcum approached the council during a regular meeting on March 13 to discuss the expansion of the trail. 
The park-to-park idea is that the Panhandle Pathway will travel from the Tippecanoe River State Park to France Park in Cass County. Those who are interested in using the pathway could travel by foot or bicycle between the parks. The next step for the project, according to Bawcum, is extending the pathway about 0.7 of a mile from SR 14, along the old railroad right-of-way, along the edge of private property, to 17th Street in Winamac. 
A motion was approved to allow the Friends of the Panhandle Pathway organization to move forward with their project with the understanding that town manager Brad Zellers will need to review the plans. 
Councilman Dan Vanaman opposed the motion because he would like to see a bridge over SR 14 for safety reasons before the trail is installed.

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