Winamac trucks are ready to move the snow and salt the roads as the threat of snowfall is underway for the season.

S“no”w problem for the county, Winamac

The little snow that has fallen has been a warmup for the Pulaski County Highway Department and the Town of Winamac Street Department and they are ready for more. 
The snow gave the two departments a chance to spread salt and sand at the intersections and roll their trucks. 
Jeremy Beckner said the town has an ample amount of salt from last year and will be ordering more. The town uses straight salt. Beckner said the town didn’t use a lot of salt last year and they still had to fulfill the 80-percent contract requirement of the state bid. 
Winamac residents are required to keep sidewalks shoveled because of a town ordinance.  
County highway general foreman Gary Kruger said the salt shed is full after adding sand to the mix that was already there from last season. 
Kruger said the first snow was a bonus for the department. He said the county plows as much as they can but not every road is treated with salt and sand.  
He reminds drivers that the salt only works under certain temperatures. Ideal temperatures for the salt to melt the snow are about 20 degrees or more. In previous years, the county has only needed about 200 tons of salt, allowing for a little surplus. 
Kruger said the county tries to salt and sand as much as possible but the department budget doesn’t allow for every road to be covered. During the first couple of snows, there have been some areas of ice, specifically by woods.

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