Recycling containers to be picked up during last recycling day

Winamac residents are being asked to leave their recycling containers by the curbside during the last two days of the recycling pickup this month. 
On Feb. 25 and 26, the last two days of recycling pickup, the recycling cans will be collected by the garbage company that picks up recycling. At the end of last year, the Town of Winamac approved to no longer support the recycling service due to costs and the number of times the recycling pickup was contaminated. 
The Winamac council has been discussing the last few meetings whether the price of recycling is worth it as they are finding out a large amount of what was thought was recycled is not because of contamination. It appears some residents have been throwing away items that are nonrecyclable such as purses, screen doors and other junk. With the new garbage bid the town could save more than $45,000 if they don’t offer recycling. Currently, the town does not charge for garbage or recycling pickup. 
Residents do have the option of dropping off their recycling items at the Pulaski County Recycling and Transfer Station. When doing so residents are asked to sort the items. Each product has a different area that it can be dumped to keep them from being contaminated. A small carport area helps shield recyclers from some of the elements while they sort items. Items are to be cleaned or rinsed out before being put in the recycling bins.  
The garbage and the recycling contract expires on March 1.

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