A carport area gives those who recycle a place to sort their items before placing them in the correct recycling bins.

Recycling center prepared for town influx

With the looming date of the Town of Winamac garbage and recycling contract expiring on March 1, many residents may be wondering what options they have. 
The Winamac council has been discussing whether the price of recycling is worth it as they are finding out a large amount of what was thought to have been recycled is not because of contamination. It appears some residents have been throwing away items that are nonrecyclable such as purses, screen doors and other junk. With the new garbage bid the town could save more than $45,000 if they don’t offer recycling. Currently, the town does not charge for garbage or recycling pickup. 
Some council members have stated that those who recycle now will continue to recycle at the Pulaski County Recycling and Transfer Station. 
Recycling and transfer station manager Brad Bonnell said the station can handle the influx of recycling that may occur.
When residents bring items to the center, they will need to be sorted. Each product has a different area that it can be dumped in to keep them from being contaminated. 
There is not a charge for the recycling that can be dropped off 24 hours a day. There is camera surveillance of the area. Tires, engine oil, antifreeze and electronics will only be accepted when the station is open. Items such as plastic 1-7 (except for Styrofoam), glass, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard and aluminum and steel cans are part of the 24-hour service. Mirrors and window glass are not part of the recyclables.

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