Public abuse of recycling options causes changes at center

Well Pulaski County, you can’t have nice services because some people have ruined it for everyone. 
The service that was ruined, or at least limited, is free recycling sponsored by the county and the solid waste district. The changes were announced on May 17 and included new hours and a new process for accepting recyclables. 
Recycling center and transfer station manager Brad Bonnell said the new drive through at the recycling center is to help educate everyone on what items will be accepted and what won’t be accepted at the recycling center. 
Anyone using the recycling center is now asked to have the recyclables sorted prior to arriving at the corner of CR 60 S. and CR 60 W., Winamac. When consumers arrive at the building they will be instructed to pull into the garage area. They will then be assisted by a county employee, who will tell them which bins to put the recyclables in. When the individual is done dropping off their recyclables they can drive through the building and back to the road. A driver does not have to back their vehicle into the building.  
Bonnell said the change increases the safety of the employees because they don’t have to touch the items as the items will already be sorted. It also allows for the work to move a little more quickly. 

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