Preplanning for the end of life

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Many folks believe that the services I provide are only available after someone has passed away.  That could not be farther from the truth!  Perhaps you or someone you know have already experienced the pain of loss and know all-too-well the amount of decisions that must be made in a very short period of time.  Does your family know what to do in the case of your death?  My hope is that this article can provide you with valuable information regarding how I can help you by preplanning your funeral arrangements.      

There are three parts to the process of preplanning.  We start with gathering the facts of your life.  This will help your family more than you could ever imagine.  The next step involves making decisions about what you want; including specifying certain details and determining costs.  The last part that people take advantage of is prepaying by placing monies in an Irrevocable Guaranteed Funeral Trust which protect your assets.  When you prepay your funeral, the funds are held in a secure funding vehicle (bank or life insurance) until the time of your death.  A variety of options are available, including payment plans.  The money that is in an Irrevocable Guaranteed Funeral Trust coincides with an itemized list of goods and services.  The goods and services selected will be provided at no additional cost at the time of your death.  Irrevocable Guaranteed Funeral Trusts are available thru licensed Indiana Funeral Homes with a Certificate of Authority.   Please know that only Licensed Indiana Funeral Directors can conduct business in this manner.  There are many companies who purport to provide this beneficial service, but Final Expense or Funeral Expense policies are not Funeral Trusts.  Only Funeral Trusts are exempt from Medicaid and can lock in prices.

Planning ahead will not hasten your death nor will it delay your demise.  It will, however, allow you the opportunity to give peace of mind to your loved ones.  It is indeed a sound decision to make.  Please call me at 574-946-3222 to make an appointment so that we can determine a plan that is best for you.   


Jon Maxwell Frain is a graduate of Winamac High School, Indiana University and Worsham College of Mortuary Science.  He is a licensed Indiana Funeral Director and Life Insurance Agent.  Jon is co-owner of Frain Mortuary, Inc. with three locations serving Pulaski County. 

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