Pool committee asks for meeting to discuss town council’s decision

Heated discussion ensued regarding whether the Winamac Town Council and the parks board would meet with the community pool committee. 
Winamac Town Councilwoman Judy Heater, who is also the chairwoman of the community pool committee, asked during a regular meeting, if the council will meet with the committee. Heater said the committee is requesting the meeting for information.  
Council president Tom Murray said the council approved to not move forward with the pool project. The parks board also approved to not apply for a grant regarding the pool. 
Heater said the parks board voted that way because of the earlier actions taken by the town council to not move forward with the project. 
Murray said because of the financial stability of the town, the council approved to not move forward because the project cannot be funded at this time. 
Councilman Alvin Parish clarified that the motion was the pool would not be built until the town could afford it. He agreed with Murray that further discussion is not needed.
Heater said she will still plan a meeting. 

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