Winamac Parks and Recreation Board members recently held a public meeting as they are applying for a grant to help fund the replacement of the bathrooms and toddler playground equipment.

Parks board prepares grant for new restrooms, playground equipment

Winamac Parks and Recreation Board members recently held a public meeting as they are trying to quickly apply for grant funding to benefit the park.  
As part of the grant process, the board hosted a meeting to answer any questions the public might have about the new restrooms project and the toddler playground equipment project. The board is in the process of applying for a land and water conservation fund grant that is federally funded. 
The parks board has been planning for the last couple years to build a new restroom where the current ones are now. The restrooms and shelter area will be built in the current location of the main shelter and restrooms to the north of the ball fields. 
The new bathrooms are designed similar to the current restrooms with the men’s restroom and the women’s bathroom being separated by a shelter but connected with a roof. The bathrooms will include four stalls, two sinks and a custodian room for both the men and women’s sides.  
Board members would also like to remove the old playground equipment in the toddler area and replace it with safer equipment. 
Parks board president Courtney Poor said if funding is available they will be “starting over” with the toddler playground area. The surface of the playground would be replaced with a permanent surface and nine different pieces of equipment will be installed. The total price of the project is estimated to be $53,846.54. 
About a dozen people were in attendance for the meeting. 

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