No bids made for Arens Field improvement project

No bids were opened on Monday for the Arens Field improvement project.

Bids were anticipated from at least three companies but at the time of the bid opening, no bids had been received.

The bid opening was initially scheduled for June 23 at 2 p.m. but was pushed back to Monday in hopes of allowing more time for the contractors to establish a bid.

Improvements to the airport include installing a 5,000-gallon above-ground fuel storage tank. The base bid was to include the design, permitting, installation, testing and airport personnel training of a complete Avgas aviation fuel system and fittings. Two additives were also a part of the bid specifications.

The first additive includes the design, permitting, installation, testing and airport personnel training of a complete Jet A aviation fuel system including a 5,000-gallon above-ground fuel storage tank and fittings.

The second additive to the project includes aviation fuel system site security improvements such as concrete guard posts, chain-link security fencing and security lights. The work could also include the removal of an existing cement concrete sidewalk and construction of a cement fuel delivery access drive.

Installing an above-ground storage tank will save money. The project was on the plan of improvements for the airport.

Mark Shillington, of Woolpert, who is engineering the project, said there are deadlines that must be met because federal funding is to be used for the project.

“The internal deadlines are much later, meaning they requested the information from us much earlier than they needed to do for their work. There is some leeway timing wise,” Shillington said. “I reached out to the FAA to say ‘how much leeway do we have? Can we give contractors two weeks?’”

Shillington said the project has hit a snag until bids are received. He will contact the contractors and see why those who seemed interested didn’t bid.

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