Mosquitoes bugging Monterey Town Council

The Monterey Town Council is feeling a bite as they determine how best to address the issue of mosquitoes. 
During a regular meeting on Aug. 8, councilman Jim Fleury said every year he hears complaints about the pests and how the mosquito fog is being administered. The business he has worked with so the town can be sprayed has always been more than accommodating but there was a complaint that the driver was traveling too fast through town while spraying and the fog lacked the mosquito-killing chemical. 
Fleury suggested two options — either look for a new business or purchase a truck and sprayer. The town has used a sprayer in the past but when it broke, the town stopped using it. He suggested that a grant could help purchase those items. 
Two of the drawbacks for the town spraying are someone must be licensed to fog and the town would also have to obtain additional insurance. 
The town has enough funds to spray for two more fogs. Fleury thinks they will need at least a third or fourth spray. 
While the discussion ensued regarding the fogging, someone asked if the town doesn’t have enough money to apply it several times. 
A motion was approved to transfer enough funds for a third fog from the repair equipment line item to the mosquito spray line item. 

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