More trees to be removed from park

The Winamac Town Council approved to withhold a portion of funds from a company that recently removed trees in the town park. 
During a regular meeting on May 9, the council approved to pay the company $18,350. The original quote was for $20,000. The quote included cutting down 49 ash trees. 
Park manager Dave DeLorenzo approached the council with his concern that four of the trees that were to be cut down were not. Instead the company cut down four other trees that the town planned to down.  
DeLorenzo said the trees that were part of the quote were marked with yellow caution tape. The four trees that were to be cut by the town were marked with blue and silver tape. He also said he pointed out the trees to the contractors.  
The council decided that the company would have 10 days to cut down the four trees that were part of the original quote and remove the stumps. 
Councilman Dan Vanaman opposed the motion. His concern was that some of the cut wood was to be taken to the town woods and was not. 

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