More data needed for town income survey

Winamac employees will soon be pounding the pavement, visiting a number of homes as they need more data to complete an income survey.

Winamac Town Officials said town employees will be going door-to-door in order to complete 240 surveys.

The town recently sent out 369 income surveys by mail but only received 129 back. The survey is used to determine if the town can qualify for grant funding that will be used for a well study, in the hopes of locating an area where a new wellhead can be drilled.

Town manager Brad Zellers reminds residents that receiving grant funding can help save residents money. He said without the survey it cannot be determined if the town qualifies for grant funding.

“The more people that do that — it shows certain incomes — the more you qualify for when a project does come by,” Zellers said.

The survey asks basic financial questions and the information obtained will not be used for any other reason than the survey.

Clerk-treasurer Melanie Berger said the town has a list of people that need to be contacted and the town has until mid-April to get it done.

If the town does not qualify for grant funding, town officials will have to find other sources of income for the project or wait another year to reapply for the Office of Community and Rural Affairs grant.

When town employees go door-to-door they may be seen in a Winamac Town vehicle or will have their town issued identifications.

In other business:

• Minutes from the Jan. 12 regular meeting were approved.

• Vouchers #5740-5941 were approved but questions were asked regarding a handful of purchases. Most of the questions involved the purchasing of equipment. Councilwoman Judy Heater questioned what the amount is that a superintendent or town manager can spend to purchase various items without having it approved by the council before the purchase is made. Councilman Richard Denney said, “I would like to know if they spend more than what’s allowed for them to spend. That’s all I care about. That is why they are in these positions to make these decisions and if we allow them to spend $5,000 without asking then they can do that. If they overstep their bounds then we have work to do.” No solid answer was given. As discussion continued regarding the vouchers, Denney said he is not in favor of the town making a donation of $2,000 to Pulaski County Human Services because that is taxpayers’ money. “Human service is a county organization as far as I’m concerned and it should be supported by the county and not the Town of Winamac.” Heater said the organization does numerous things for residents in the town and county. “Right here in Winamac, there are an awful lot of people who need transport. They need the meals. They need the energy assistance. They do invaluable work for our elderly citizens.” Denney opposed the motion.

• Tim Murray was appointed as the town representative to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. Councilman Tom Murray abstained.

• A list of uncashed and undeliverable checks was presented to the council. Berger asked permission to place the money back into the proper account. The request was approved.

• Berger asked if she could write off some accounts with the stipulation that if they want back on the utilities then they will have to pay the delinquent accounts. Her request was approved.

• Council members approved for American Legal to update the town codes for one year.

• Council members decided to auction a number of items including a few vehicles. One of the items that was suggested to be auctioned was the town garbage truck. Denney said there is no need for the truck. Council president Ken McFarland said he doesn’t think the town needs it either. The vote to keep the garbage truck was approved 3-2.

• A request by Zellers to be a member of the Indiana Municipal Electric Association for $8,500 per year with the stipulation that the town pay for the safety meetings as they happen and at the same price as was quoted. Denney opposed the motion.

• Council members approved a three-year contract with a 3-percent raise each year with councilman Dan Vanaman to mow the cemetery and Decker Drive. Heater opposed the vote because she feels it should be let to bid. Vanaman abstained from the vote.

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