Monterey looks to repair street drains, streets

Monterey looks to repair street drains, streets

       As  Monterey Town Councilman Doug Denton and clerk-treasurer Linda McCune work on a road study, it is becoming apparent that some roads need a little work and two drains must be replaced. 

During a regular meeting on July 13, Denton said the two completed grading the roads for a road study that is needed to apply for grant funding. 

What the two found was that the roads are not that bad expect for a portion of Main Street and Washington Street. 

The town recently received about $16,000 from the state to use toward road repair. That funding can also be used as a match for further grant funding. Denton said the funds could also be used for the drains because they are part of the road. 

There was also a suggestion that some of the drains need to be vacuumed out. 

Council president Emily Bailey suggested the town receive a quote on fixing the drains. 

      Ordinance 2 of 2016, establishing a minimum level of internal control standards and internal control procedures for the Town of Monterey, was signed. The ordinance was approved during the June 8 meeting with some language changes. The council signed the ordinance. 

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