Monterey looking to clean up yards, town

Monterey Town Council members are looking at ways to address clean-up issues as they have directed the town attorney to move forward with new ordinances. 
On Nov. 1, the council met for a regular meeting and a few issues including unmowed yards and trash in yards came up. 
Town attorney Justin Schramm said if the issue affects the safety of the public then an ordinance is warranted. 
“I don’t want us to become the grass police but we have had some issues,” said town councilman Doug Denton. 
Denton said many times there are issues and the town is unsure how to handle them because there is not an ordinance to reference. 
Many times it’s the rental units or the abandoned houses that are owned by the banks that don’t keep up with the lawns, according to Denton. 
Schramm said it appears that there are four issues that could be addressed including overgrown trees, rank vegetation, obstruction of public right-of-ways and obstruction of sidewalks such as with a fence. 
Schramm questioned how the council wants to handle fines. He said giving the property owner a chance to correct the problem is safe. A fine could then be applied. 
Council members agreed that a warning should be given first. It was then decided that the first fine would be $200. The second fine will be $300. 
The council approved the amounts of the fines.  

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