Renovations at the Monterey-Tippecanoe Public Library have made the space a little brighter and more energy efficient.

Monterey library updates almost complete

Monterey-Tippecanoe Public Library Director Renita Pothoff has seen a lot of changes happen to the library during her 45 years of working there. 
She’s seen an addition being built and technology being incorporated along with too many book titles to name. Of the changes the newest renovations to the library may rank as some of her favorites. 
The library opened its doors on Oct. 16, 1918. When it was built there were several items such as plumbing, electric wiring and furniture that were omitted due to costs. At the time in 1917, the Carnegie grant was not enough to cover the costs, so the community helped raise funds. At the time of the opening, the library contained one book. Over time more books were purchased and the library began to grow. 
Through the years improvements were made to the building including modernization of the electric wiring, new lights, water system, septic tank, restrooms and railing on the front steps were installed. The largest renovation happened in 1998 when the expansion occurred. The project included a 3,280 square foot addition to the south side of the library, and a parking lot, ground floor entrance, elevator, two new restrooms and program room were constructed. 
Renovations included waterproofing the foundation of the original library, digging a new well, replacing windows in the original building and replacing the lighting with LED bulbs. The fire panel is also being updated and new doors will be installed on the north side of the building.  
The project that costs about $375,000 is being paid for with a bond and library funding.

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