Those who helped with the Medaryville voting poll included Kathi Thompson, voting inspector Pat Tiede, Pam Nielsen and Marilynn Tkalec.

Medaryville votes for new council members

Nov. 11, 2015

Medaryville voters appear to be looking for change as they have voted for two new town council members. 

On Nov. 3, the voters were given the opportunity to cast their approval for three of six candidates that included incumbent Carolyn Hager (R), Raymond L. Saltsman Sr. (R), Suzanna J. Wilcoxon (R), incumbent Corrie R. Hauptli (D), incumbent Robert Schultz (D) and Kenny Smith Sr. (D). 

Hager is the only elected official who won during the last election. Hauplti and Schultz were both appointed to the board after Gene Payne resigned in the spring of 2014 and Derrick Stalbaum resigned this summer. 

Of those six candidates Hager and Hauptli were defeated by Saltsman Sr. and Wilcoxon. Saltsman Sr. earned the most votes with 24.69 percent, while Wilcoxon earned 19.69 percent and Schultz earned 17.81 percent. Hauptli and Kenny Smith Sr. each earned 13.75 percent of the votes. Hager received the least amount of votes at 10.31 percent. 

According to the election summary report there were 302 votes made for the town council member at-large seat. It appears there were about 135 people who voted. 

Saltsman Sr. said he would like to meet with the other council members and share ideas while also continue with what is happening in the town. 

“I don’t really have a set agenda,” Saltsman Sr. said. “What I would like to do is call a town meeting, for everybody in town that will come and see if we can’t work together. I think if we include everyone and get some kind of a system going to address some of the issues that they have had in the town for the last four or five years.” 

Saltsman Sr. said he wants everyone to work together. Schultz agreed. He also has three items that he would like to address next year. 

“One of the things that I would like to see the town do is to improve the road conditions,” Schultz said. “I would like to see some better cleanup around town in regards to old cars — junk, trash in the yards. 

He would also like to see some drainage improvements in spots. 

Wilcoxon said she doesn’t have a plan yet, because she hasn’t served on the town board before. 

“I don’t know yet what will be required on me,” she said. “I don’t think there is anything pending as far as business.”

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