Medaryville Council talks baseball

Medaryville council members are preparing a lease agreement or memorandum of understanding with the Medaryville baseball program as the town has newly acquired the baseball field.

During a regular meeting on Jan. 21, council members were informed on how the baseball program and the American Legion collaborated. The program currently had 86 players and 10 baseball teams during their last season.

Medaryville Council President Derrick Stalbaum spoke with the baseball program coordinator Rob Conner. The two spoke about liability insurance and also about the annual donation the town makes to the program.

“I want to do a yearly lease, that way we always have someone on the council who knows what is going on,” Stalbaum said. “I wanted to make sure that if his position changed, it was consistently renewing that lease, with whoever is in charge. That way there is always consistent communication.”

Stalbaum said the program has liability insurance for the players, but insurance for the grounds was handled by the American Legion.

Clerk-treasurer Judy Harwood said she spoke with the insurance company and there will be an additional cost to cover the grounds. The council agreed that the insurance should be handled as if it were part of the town parks.

There was also a question whether other entities or individuals could use the field. Stalbaum said he feels that it can be worked out but it would not interfere with their schedule.

“I’m looking at this property as a park but it requires permission to use it. I do want it to be public and I do want other organizations to use it,” Stalbaum said. “I’m sure we will have to make some kind of procedure for that as well, like the shelter.”

Stalbaum said the buildings are currently being taken care of by Conner. The town currently mows the area, but some trimming may need to be done.

“I think that this is something that we should discuss with the maintenance department because if we are owning the buildings and are responsible for the buildings, we need to make sure that whoever we are giving permission to take care of the general maintenance is taking care of the general maintenance,” said councilwoman Corrie Hauptli.

Town maintenance supervisor Keith Hauptli was not present at the meeting.

There was a question of whether the town would get involved with the baseball board.

“I don’t want to micromanage their program. They are doing a great job as it is and I don’t want to get involved in that,” Stalbaum said.

At the time of the meeting, Stalbaum was not sure if the program is run by a board or by one person. Stalbaum said he will speak with Conner again to find out their management structure that will be needed due to the lease or memorandum.

Another concern was whether the town will continue to make a monetary donation to the program. The town may not make a donation because of town funding now being used for improvements to the grounds.

Stalbaum also questioned who would pay for the utilities at the property. Harwood said there may have to be an additional appropriation made to cover the costs of the electricity. Stalbaum said he will ask Conner about the costs of the electricity.

It was suggested that Conner or someone from the program attend a meeting to answer questions.

In regards to the purchasing of the property, the town received two cards of thanks from Susan Nielsen and Rob Conner.

In other business:

• Minutes from the Dec. 15, 2014, regular meeting and the Dec. 29, 2014 special meeting were approved.

• Claims in the general fund of $94,972.78, water fund of $40,650.68, and wastewater fund of $181,508.88 were approved. Clerk-treasurer Judy Harwood said the reason for the large wastewater claim amount is because of the early payoff of a bond.

• Harwood requested permission to make a monthly transfer of $1,000 from the wastewater operating fund into the wastewater replacement fund for 2015. The transferring of funds into the replacement fund for the lift stations that may need to be replaced in the near future because they are 20 years old. The recommendation to transfer funds was made when the town was applying for a recent grant.

• Bruce Breedon, interim president of Energy Efficiency Telamon Corporation, spoke with the council about a future solar energy project that the town could become involved with. If the town allows solar panels to be built on town property, the land would be leased with Telamon. Breedon said there are no upfront costs and the town would have to be chosen from a lottery for the project. Breedon said he will need to know if the town is interested in the project in February.

• Cheryl Stone, of the decorating committee, said the group is working on a few future fundraisers. One fundraiser is a sock hop that they would like to have in May. The council said the newly acquired property by the baseball field may be available to use as long as it doesn’t interfere with the baseball program. It was also suggested that Main Street could be used. Stone said if the council knows of anyone who wants to volunteer during the events.

• A motion to make an utility adjustment for the month of December in the sum of $33.17 was approved.

• A motion to pay for repairs of the police vehicle brakes and an oil change in the sum of $1,436.50 was approved.

• Resolution 2015-01-01, designating employees to appear for small claims court, was read and approved by the council. The resolution allows for Harwood or deputy clerk Jackie Hines to appear for small claims court on behalf of the town.

• Second reading of ordinance 2015-02-01 in regards to creating a nonreverting fund titled “Ordinance Violation Fund” was approved. According to the state board of accounts, the town has to establish an ordinance to direct the violation funding to specific funds.

• Council members gave Harwood permission to submit a press release regarding the Medaryville application being approved for the national flood insurance program.

• Stalbaum was appointed to be the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission Board representative for the town.

• An election of officers was held. Stalbaum will continue as the president, while Hager will remain as the vice president.

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