Medaryville approves new garbage ordinance

Those who were able to attend a special meeting of the Medaryville Town Council were left asking several questions on a new garbage ordinance that passed on Oct. 28. 
Ordinance 2016-10-01 not only repeals two previous ordinances but also the service charge for the collection and removal of garbage and declaring unlawful deposits of garbage on real estate a public nuisance. 
The ordinance was first read in full by town clerk Judy Harwood. Council members then approved the first reading with opposition from councilwoman Suzanna Wilcoxon. 
Councilmen Robert Schultz and Ray Saltsman agreed to approve the ordinance two more times by title only. Wilcoxon again opposed the motions that were made regarding the ordinance. 
“I do not agree with that. I think there should be readings every month for three months so other town members can hear what is going on,” Wilcoxon said. 
In the ordinance it repeals ordinance 2009-05-01 and ordinance 2009-12-01. It also defines what garbage and hazardous waste are which is something the other ordinances did not include. Violations of the ordinance include a fine.  
The new ordinance comes after the council approved to not pursue litigation in regards to two trash violations during the last regular meeting on Oct. 19.

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