Judicial system continues to apply for grants to save costs

Four grants are being applied for by the county courts to save money and continue to offer beneficial programs. 
Pulaski County Superior Court Judge Crystal Kocher approached the commissioners during a regular meeting, Monday morning, to obtain their support of the county applying for two grants. She also updated them on what grants the courts are applying for. 
She apologized to the commissioners on the short notice regarding the grants. Typically there is a short notice on grants but it is even shorter due to COVID-19. The two grants Kocher is asking support for are grants that the county has already applied for. 
The first grant was for the veterans treatment court that is administered through superior court and is fully funded by grant funding. The county is asking for $69,500 from the department of corrections through the grant. 
The second grant is for the pretrial relief program. The grant allows the county to have an additional probation department officer, who is responsible for interviewing anyone who has been incarcerated in the county. The information that includes whether the person can afford bail or the person’s criminal history is gathered and given to the judge. Program participants are also monitored under that program. 
Kocher also informed the commissioners of two other opportunities: the justice partners addiction grant for $60,000 and the White County United Way COVID-19 grant in the amount of $3,600.  

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