Those who attended a ground-breaking ceremony on April 10 were Bryson Minix, Sherry Jorczak, Linda Webb, Valerie Leman, Mark Wuethrich, Cheryl Scheffer, Dr. Charles Hutton, DDS, Courtney Poor, Julie Girton, Dr. Rex Allman, MD, hospital CEO Tom Barry, Jeff Boer, Mark Boer, Tim Gearhart, Gregg Malott and Rana Berkshire.

Hospital breaks ground for new equipment

Pulaski Memorial Hospital is upgrading vital equipment, one of which will take some renovations to the facility. 
This year, Pulaski Memorial Hospital (PMH) is upgrading three major pieces of critical diagnostic equipment — the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine, CT (computed tomography) scanner and echocardiogram machine. These upgrades will allow the hospital to provide more patients with these services in a timely and more comfortable manner. In addition, doctors will be able to diagnose issues sooner and with more accuracy for better treatment outcomes. 
The additions are being funded by a loan through Toshiba, the company from which PMH is buying the equipment. Leasing the MRI and the mobile unit has been very costly and purchasing one will be less expensive in yearly costs.  
A conference room off the dining room and the space around it are being converted into the MRI room. The echocardiogram and CT already have a place to go since they are replacing existing equipment. 
The anticipated completion date is August 2017.

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