Fraud on the Rise

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Fraud affects people of all ages, every day in our community. The FTC reports that $1.48 billion dollars were lost last year to fraud in the U.S. As fraud continues to rise, it is increasingly important to stay educated and be aware. The most common scams are home improvement, online dating and posing as a grandchild in need. If you have been unexpectedly contacted by someone requesting money, do your own research. Look up the organization and call back to their listed number; reach out to your Bank or a trusted adviser for guidance.


Here are some red flags to watch for ....

The person is being forceful or urgent.

Someone that you do not know is requesting money from you.

You are being asked to send money via money order, wire or gift cards.

The person is telling you to be secretive.

You are told that you have to pay fees on "winnings".


If someone is requesting payment from you, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Do not make a rash decision because of their threats. If you think you have been scammed, call your bank and local law enforcement immediately. They can help prevent further financial loss and report the scam to the proper agency. By speaking up, you can help stop fraud and protect others.  574.946.7000

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