Francesville Town Council talks sewer permit, pumps

As the April 1 deadline for having a new sewer disinfection system operating approaches, the Francesville Town Council continues to move forward with purchases of equipment and changes to a permit.

During a regular meeting on Feb. 2, Jon Borgers, a representative from the company that designed the disinfection system, gave a report on changes that will need to be done to the disinfection system plan before a permit for the project can be issued.

A letter was given to the council regarding a few changes that include adding a ventilation system to the chemical room and showing how the drums can be stored on secondary containment pallets. If all the changes are approved it could take about two more weeks before the permit is obtained by the town.

“One thing that IDEM [Indiana Department of Environmental Management] talked about are these drum pallets,” Borgers said. “Those drums will need to sit on something and hold that chemical in the event that the drum was punctured or had a leak in it.”

The drums with different chemicals will need to be on separate pallets.

Borgers also gave the council quotes on new pumps for the system. Council members, along with water and wastewater superintendent Greg Stone, reviewed the quotes that ranged in price from $2,550 to $2,600. Borgers suggested purchasing three or four pumps.

“You need two and then you need a backup. A lot of times you will see four,” Borgers said. “The lifespan of these pumps is not great. You can get a year or two out of them and that’s about all you can expect.”

Borgers doesn’t think more than a gallon or two per day will be pumped.

Council president Andy Durham asked if Borgers knew anything about the quality of the pumps. Borgers said they work with both pumps in their designs and he doesn’t recall having an issue with any of them.

Council members approved purchasing three pumps that cost $2,600 each. It could take about three to four weeks before the pumps would be available.

The plan is to have the system ready by mid-March so any problems can be worked out.

Councilman Kyle Trent was not present at the meeting.

In other business:

• Minutes from the Jan. 19 meeting were approved.

• Clerk-treasurer Linda Bennett said former Pulaski County Sheriff Mike Gayer has been patrolling the town and making a presence at the school. Durham later questioned if Antrim thought they should take applications for a marshal. No decisions were made.

• Claims were approved.

• Durham said the security camera that will monitor the recycling center has been ordered. Approval to purchase the camera for about $500 was approved during the Jan. 19 meeting.

• Darlene Mellon was appointed as the Francesville representative to the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission.

• Mellon was also appointed to the Pulaski County Community Development Commission.

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