EMS paramedics will stay in Pulaski County

A question of whether the county EMS paramedics should leave the county became a bit of a rough topic of discussion during a recent meeting with county officials. 
At a joint session on June 12, the county commissioners and council listened as EMS director Nikki Lowry asked for some direction from them. Lowry said there has been a problem in the past when the only paramedic on duty was called on an emergency transfer. 
Lowry wanted to know how the council stands regarding the issue because there has been backlash when the only paramedic in the county does not leave on a transfer. She said it doesn’t happen often but she wants to be clear on the policy. 
The transfer policy has been updated but Lowry wants to make it clear what the policy is. She used the example that what was indicated to be a transfer with a paramedic turned out to be nothing more than an average procedure and the only medic on duty was taken out of the county. 
There was also a question of staffing at the ambulance service and whether there is a shortage of employees. Lowry said there is a shortage of paramedics in the state. She said many times the paramedics are training to become nurses. 
Sullivan said it appears that the department should hire another medic. Full-time medics can be hired easily but part-time medics are not as easy to find. 
Sullivan made the suggestion that if there is only one medic on staff, that person will not leave the county. 
They would eventually like to have three medics on duty at all times.

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