Courthouse security must meet supreme court standards

As county officials continue to discuss the implementing of courthouse security, county commissioners are learning there are standards that should be followed. 
The discussion regarding the courthouse security began as commissioners spoke with sheriff Jeff Richwine about the cameras in the courthouse Monday morning during a regular meeting. Commissioner Jerry Locke asked if the sheriff’s office has access to the cameras the county has. 
Locke would like to see additional cameras at the courthouse and it’s estimated to cost about $800. He would also like to make sure that the sheriff’s office can access the cameras. He made a motion to have that done immediately.  The motion was approved. 
County attorney Kevin Tankersley reminded the commissioners that the supreme court has established security standards that the county should comply with. He used the example that to follow the standards, the county should hire a security professional to tell the county what to do. 
McClure said he would like for the discussion of the courthouse security to continue. 

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