County sees increase in insurance costs

The Pulaski County Commissioners are seeing a cost increase in liability insurance and workers’ compensation for 2021 but there could be some changes with a little work. 
The increase will be about $28,555 because of the alternate quote the commissioners approved of on Monday, Dec. 21. 
The county commissioners reviewed the insurance costs that included liability, auto, property, workers’ compensation and cyber-security protection. Some of the changes to the premiums decreased but the large jump in workers’ comp made a huge difference. 
According to Kyle Conrad, of Novotny Insurance, Pulaski County had almost $1 million in worker’s comp claims during the last three years. It appears that one company would not submit a quote.  
The alternate quote was submitted by one company that is offering training for employees to minimize the workers’ claims. The hope is that with the training there will be less claims and bring the costs of insurance back in line.  
The commissioners approved to pay $468,921 for insurance. The 2020 premium was $440,366.

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