County looks at $5.5 million bond for justice center addition

The county council and auditor are reviewing an ordinance that set the guidelines for obtaining a bond for the justice center phase of the courthouse renovation project. 
According to the ordinance, the county would be obtaining a bond not to exceed $5,575,000. That bond is only for the work at the justice center and not the courthouse. 
Council members were updated about the courthouse renovation and justice center addition project during the Jan. 11, 2021, regular meeting. During the meeting, Pulaski County Community Development Executive Director Nathan Origer presented a brief breakdown of the project that included information about a past proposal and how a new study was completed regarding renovating the courthouse and building the addition to the justice center. Origer compared the Rowland 2019 estimate of $10,005,975 to the current proposal of $9,825,127.05. 
At the time of the January meeting, some council members questioned why the cost of the project appears to be increasing. 
During the Jan. 11, 2021, meeting some of the council members questioned why the cost of the project continues to increase. 
If a bond is obtained for the justice center at the cost of $5,575,000, that would leave only $4,250,127.05 for the courthouse renovations if compared with the $9,825,127.05 estimate. 
The $4,250,127.05 would not cover the estimated costs of the $5,163,257.05 that was made by Rowland and introduced to the council during the January meeting. The justice center subtotal was previously estimated to be $4,661,870.   

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