County looking to hire new IT director

The Pulaski County Commissioners are preparing to work with a local computer company after the information technology director, RB Walters, resigned. 
At a meeting Monday night, Will DeGroot, of DeGroot Technology, met with the commissioners to discuss what his role will be in helping the county. 
Commissioner Kenny Becker thanked DeGroot for his services until someone new is hired. 
DeGroot asked who is authorized to call him for help such as department heads or just one person. It was suggested that auditor Laura Wheeler be the main person of contact if there is a problem. Pulaski County Sheriff Jeff Richwine said he would also like to be a contact person because of problems that could occur with the 911 center. 
DeGroot also asked if equipment needs to be purchased such as a new keyboard should he contact Wheeler. County attorney Kevin Tankersley said each department head has spending authority up to a certain amount. 
Becker said he and commissioner Jerry Locke were in agreement that parts such as keyboards could be purchased without commissioner approval.  
A job description has been written regarding the position. The commissioners will hire the next IT director. 
DeGroot said he is hoping the county can hire someone by the middle of June or before.      
Commissioner Bud Krohn Jr. was absent from the meeting. 

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