County commissioners discuss easements regarding two issues

The Pulaski County Commissioners addressed two issues regarding arguments over easements with one outcome favoring several residents and another tabled. 
The issues were addressed, during a regular meeting Monday evening, when more than a dozen people approached the commissioners about the closing of the Swayze Camp lane and less than a handful of people approached about an utility easement being used by Culver Community School Corporation. 
The commissioners listened as several people spoke about how the access lane to Swayze Camp has been closed. It appears the lane or easement has drifted onto personal property and the property owner has closed it. The easement or lane has been used for more than 50 years by Swayze Camp residents. One of the residents is having to drive through their yard because of the easement closure. 
As discussion continued, it was decided that the easement could be corrected and the highway department could change it to match the surveys. It would move the easement off the private property and onto another. The county and the residents of the area do not want litigation over it. 
The commissioners agreed with the surveys and approved for the county to install a new easement at the cost of the county.  
In regards to the easement being used by the Culver Community School Corporation, Tonya Keller-Martinez voiced her concern. She said it appears that the school corporation has “a claim to an easement that joins our property on our farm to use it as a legal right-of-way and continue to invade the private property there.” 
Culver Community School Corporation Superintendent Karen Shuman cited Indiana code regarding an utility easement and a new Senate bill that states bus drivers must pull as far right as they can to pick up children on a school bus. The bus that is being used can transport a student to attend a program at a different school corporation. 
She requested that the commissioners decide if the school bus can pick up children in the easements. 
A motion was approved to table the issue.

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