County commissioners approve courthouse single-point entry

Pulaski County Commissioners started the new year off with changes to the courthouse and surrounding parking Monday evening. 
During the regular meeting, maintenance director Mia Salyers said she had quite a few things to talk to the commissioners about including creating a single-point entry for the courthouse. Her wanting to make a single-point entry is not for a weapons check area but because the stairs around the courthouse are deteriorating. She presented a few photos to the commissioners to give them an idea of her concerns.
Commissioner Mike McClure asked what it would take to move the doors on the ramp. Currently there is a tight space for wheelchairs when the doors are open on the lower level.
Salyers said she is unsure but could look into it. 
Commissioners approved to make the lower level west side entrance the single-point entrance. 

See the full story in the Pulaski County Journal, available in print and e-edition.

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