Pulaski County Commissioners and council members held a joint session on Monday, April 10.

Council questions human services outstanding taxes

Pulaski County Commissioners and the county council voiced their concerns regarding back taxes that are allegedly owed by Pulaski County Human Services. 
At a joint session between the two entities Monday evening, council president Jay Sullivan questioned county attorney Kevin Tankersley about the overdue taxes because he said it appears that the IRS has put a lien on county property. 
The amount of the alleged back taxes was estimated to be more than $100,000. Sullivan said he understood the tax lien to be on county property. He questioned if the county had any obligation to correct the situation. 
“The demand is on Pulaski County Human Services, not Pulaski County,” Tankersley said. 
During the regular council meeting, human services executive director Jacki Frain said the taxes have been paid. She explained that the grant reimbursements come late in the year which causes a lack of a cash flow.  
At the time of the joint session, Sullivan asked Tankersley to review the lien information again and ensure the county is not responsible. 

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